Welcome to the summary of our five Telehealth Tuesday articles in May 2022.

As always, the articles covered a wide spectrum from definitions of digital health and virtual health centers to pragmatic guidance on telehealth workflows and recognizing “bad telehealth”, all topped off with a joint report-out from this year’s ATA.

Enjoy your readings!

P.S.: What Telehealth or Digital Health topics interest you? Let me know!

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A Pragmatic Definition of Digital Health

Many Digital Health definitions are either very technical or too convoluted. Which is one reason why very few health systems have a digital health strategy they are satisfied with. Here are some pragmatic thoughts about defining digital health for your organization.

Reflections on (and from) the ATA 2022

The annual American Telemedicine Association’s event (ATA) is a must event for most of us in telehealth and in this column we recap the highlights from the exhibitor floor and the sessions. While this year’s event did not draw as many attendees and vendors, it did not lack in breadth and depth of topics.

What would a Virtual Health Center look like?

Does the thought of a virtual FQHC sound dystopian or like heresy to you? Or does the concept of a virtual health center excite and motivate you? Health Centers must embrace virtual care just like everyone else. Here are four steps on the road toward becoming a Virtual Health Center.

A Proven Recipe for Telehealth Workflows

For Telehealth to work well, 7 workflows must be designed, developed, and deployed. Excellent workflow design also requires focus on the Happy Day Scenario first, before considering all the alternate conditions and exceptions to the rule. Here’s a proven recipe for workflow design in telehealth.

Bad Telehealth — Are You Just Seeing the Tip of the Iceberg?

Many leaders, especially in smaller healthcare organizations, are oblivious to what’s happening with telehealth at their organization. But you can no longer afford to ignore telehealth. Here’s why and what to do about it.