Three of the Telehealth Tuesday articles in December of 2022 were written mainly for the C-Suite: What to do and what not to do in telehealth; Wow to manage telehealth performance; and the 12 gifts that a well-managed telehealth program will bestow unto the organization.

The fourth article of the month focused on the key users of telehealth: clinicians — namely the various ways in which clinicians should be trained on telehealth, so they feel confident delivering great care to their patients via telehealth.

Enjoy your readings!


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3 Telehealth DOs and DON’Ts for CEOs

In order to lead their organization’s telehealth efforts, healthcare CEOs need to know at least the basics of what to do and what not to do. This article gets you started thinking about the important stuff.

Telehealth Training for Clinicians

Clinician buy-in is key to telehealth success. Creating awareness, desire, knowledge, and the ability to do #telehealth well starts with a well-designed 90-minute training session in five different areas.

Managing Telehealth Performance with 4DX

4DX is a disciplined approach to achieve great results when undertaking big initiatives, such as launching and growing your Virtual Care and Telehealth Services. In this article we explore how to apply 4DX to achieve virtual care success.

12 Gifts for Your Telehealth Program

As we closed out 2022, we made a list of 12 gifts that you can give your Telehealth Program so that it can be happy and thrive for the benefit of your clinicians, your nurses, and your patients.