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Webinar: Managing Telehealth Performance

More than two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, it is now obvious that telehealth — in the form of a hybrid care delivery model that blends virtual and in-person care — is not a fad, but a healthcare delivery option that is here to stay. Thus Healthcare leaders are seeking to optimize their organization’s telehealth services for high performance and long-term sustainability.

The problem is that many leaders neither know how well (or how bad) their telehealth services are performing, nor what true success can or should look like.

Telehealth, when designed and implemented correctly, will engage patients to achieve positive health outcomes, delight physicians, and contribute to achieving organizational strategic objectives, including sustainable financial success.

In this presentation Christian Milaster, CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors and Alicia Shickle, President of Garfunkel Health Advisors will lead participants through a series of pragmatic concepts on how to set an organization’s telehealth success targets, what and how to measure telehealth performance, the Physician Bill of Telehealth Rights, and how to leverage telehealth to achieve strategic success.

Specifically the session will focus on addressing the following:

  • Why manage telehealth performance? (including leveraging telehealth to achieve your organizational strategy)
  • How to measure performance? (including how to identify, collect, analyze, and report on KPIs — key performance indicators).
  • How to manage performance? (including the setting of performance goals and leading corrective action)

Download the Presentation Slides:

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