In May we wrapped up one series (on webside manners) and started a new series (on Telebehavioral Health).

We started the month by exploring the return you can achieve when your physicians are mastering their webside manners.

Next we launched a multi-part series on Telebehavioral Health services with practical guidance on improving mental & behavioral health at a distance.

The third article illustrated what happens when Modern Healthcare Consumers do not get the telehealth access they desire: they get fired.

Wrapping up the month was the second article on Telebehavioral Health, this time focusing on how to take Telebehavioral Health to the next level.

Enjoy your readings!

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The 10-fold Return on Mastering Webside Manners

The 10-fold Return on Mastering Webside Manners (Part 3)

The 10-fold return of mastering website manners is all about the 10 great benefits that proper webside manners can bring about, as I describe in the third part of this 3-part series on webside manners.

Improving Mental & Behavioral Health at a Distance

The world of TeleBehavioralHealth is much more than just online counseling via facetime or text-based chatting with your counsellor à la BetterHelp or TalkSpace. Read about the different flavors and modalities in this article.

No Telehealth? You’re fired!

When multiple people are sharing with me that they are abandoning their long-standing relationship with their PCP because after Covid the PCP does not offer telehealth anymore, I think it’s more than just anecdotal evidence. It’s a silent revolution. This is a cautious tale for those on the fence about telehealth.

Taking Telebehavioral Health to the Next Level

In most organizations Telebehavioral Health has really taken off and it is one of the few clinical specialities that really wholeheartedly embraced and fully leveraged the Covid-19 health crisis. But why rest there? Now that we are returning to a more ordinary world (albeit with even more need for mental health services), learn more about the benefits of taking Telebehavioral Health to the next level.

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