Welcome to our mid-year monthly summary of Telehealth Tuesday for the month of June 2022.

This month’s articles’ common theme is rethink one’s notion about telehealth: How will we deliver care in the future? How much telehealth is good or enough? How can we leverage telehealth for population health?

And: Don’t look for digital health technology as the answer to healthcare’s problems.

Enjoy your readings!

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Telehealth Power Tools for Population Health

Population Health and its related goals of health equity and social determinants of health are mainstay focus areas of most healthcare organizations. While telehealth is often reduced to video visits and RPM, telehealth can contribute greatly to achieving the goals of population health.

Breaking the Paradigm: Rethinking Care Delivery

It is time to break free from the 70+ year old paradigm of care delivery that requires patients to come to the clinician. While we’re not going back to house calls, having a chat with your physician from the comfort of your couch does not have to feel like the 1950s…it can feel like the 2020s! Virtual First is coming fast and it is here to stay.

Digital Health is Not Healthcare’s Magical Pill

Why Digital Health is not Healthcare’s Magical Pill?

While I love technology, it is not the magical pill to solve healthcare’s problems, as many hope. But it can serve as a powerful catalyst to solve many of healthcare’s challenges. This article describes what else you need to succeed.