Innovation in Healthcare

I don’t think I can repeat this phrase often enough.

Given the fast pace of digital health innovation, a fast pace of innovation adoption should follow and this requires a new mindset, a new level of engagement of clinicians to embrace care enhanced by digital health innovation.

Having spent 12 years at the Mayo Clinic with its triple focus on research, education, and patient care, I fully appreciate that in healthcare cannot quickly throw new interventions on the frontlines to see what works. The potential negative consequences on human health and quality of life are simply much more severe than in retail or hospitality or transportation or manufacturing.

As a German engineer by birth and training, respectively, I also expect to make sure that the innovative digital health solution is usable, useful and that its touted benefits can be proven.

But that does not mean that we should take months or years to study, evaluate, and ponder novel solutions in an effort to be safe. Oftentimes it is people’s (and especially clinicians’) lack of experience with repeated change that leads to a healthy dose of skepticism about anything new and slows down progress.

In this multipart series focused on the acceleration of digital health innovation adoption I provide our engineering-inspired systematic approach to select and launch new digital health solutions in a way that minimizes risk and increases the likelihood of success.