We all have busy schedules and overflowing inboxes, so once a week I round up the 4-5 articles that you may have missed for some easy weekend reading.

In the first month of 2023 we continued our series on “Innovation in Healthcare” with two articles: going from Idea to Validation and tackling the Implementation phase.

The other two main articles (in addition to our perennial “Best of 202x” post) talked about the value of telehealth from two different angles – one as a commentary on an excellent research article about the state (and perception) of telehealth, and the other about telehealth’s value in a post-fee-for-service world.

Enjoy your readings!


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Increasing the Value of Telehealth

“Telehealth in 2023” is an insightful report by Sage Growth Partners. Read my commentary on their insights and my suggestions for increasing the value of telehealth across 10 of the benefits they identified.

Best of Telehealth Tuesday 2022

In the best 11 TelehealthTuesday articles from 2022 we provide Guidance for CEOs, hone in on the Value of Telehealth and the design of Telehealth Workflows, wrapping up with a focus on Innovation in Healthcare.

Innovation in Healthcare: From Idea to Validation

To bridge the chasm between digital health’s potential and the actual adoption for the delivery of care, here is what it takes to validate the true potential of a digital health solution.

When Fee-for-Service is Dead: Telehealth, the Clinical Savior

The fee-for-service system presents the biggest obstacle not only to #telehealth, but to achieving truly extraordinary health outcomes. When fee-for-service is dead, here’s what Telehealth can accomplish.

Innovation in Healthcare: Implementing Digital Health Solutions

The successful and sustainable implementation of digital health innovation uses multiple proven tactics including proactive change management, workflow design, operationalization, and assumption validation (Part 1).