Welcome to the roundup of articles for the month of April 2022.

In two of the four articles we focused on leaders in healthcare: healthcare CEOs wanting to create telehealth success and “entrepreneurially-minded physicians” waiting to launch a telehealth startup.

The other articles covered our team’s participation in the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Summit that this year attracted 250 in-person and 250 virtual attendees. Our main contribution here was to bring thought-provoking content on the often-overlooked aspect of “digital transformation leadership”.

Enjoy your readings!

P.S.: What challenge in Telehealth or Digital Health interests you? Let me know and I’ll write about it!

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CEO Handbook of Telehealth Success

All successful and sustainable change starts at the top. This handbook on Telehealth Success is aimed at CEOs and other healthcare leaders who’d like to know what to focus on to lead a successful telehealth program.

So, Doctor, You Want to Launch a Startup?

Are you an entrepreneurially-minded physician who has dreamed of launching your own #digitalhealth or #telehealth startup? Then answering the 9 questions in this article may help you to gain clarity.

Leading Digital Transformation

This week we covered descriptions of the six sessions that made up the Leading Transformation Track of this year’s MATRC Summit, hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center.
MATRC 2022 Conference Report

The annual MATRC Summit (now in its 9th year) attracts over 500 people and this article covers my impressions and insights from attending in person and moderating 6 presentations in the “Leading Transformations” track.