Every month, I give you the chance to catch up with last month’s editions of Telehealth Tuesday. This month we had five articles covering sustainability, strategy, capacity, audacity, and virtual care primacy.

The August line up also included two guest articles from my colleagues Kathy Letendre and Erkan Hassan.

Enjoy your readings!

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Increasing Provider Capacity through Virtual Care

How can you see more patients across your clinic by taking advantage of video visits and RPM? Find out about three strategies and 9 tactics to increase clinician capacity.

3 Tactics for Sustainable Virtual Care

If you are committed to virtual care, then you have to make it sustainable in three ways: strategically, clinically, and financially. This article explains how.

Virtual Care: From Strategy to Action to Results

If you want to see meaningful results from your virtual care and telehealth services, then follow this guidance from Ingenium’s healthcare strategy expert Kathy Letendre.

Traditional Healthcare Needs a Paradigm Shift?

Given the pressure by retail stores to offer competing services and cherry pick the most profitable patients, what is a clinic or hospital to do about it? This article provides some insights.

Can Virtual First Become the Norm?

The concept of virtual first holds the promise of convenient access to care when I need it, how I want it. This article explores the implications.