Telehealth Tuesday Articles, January 2024

Through Telehealth Tuesday Christian Milaster publishes insights, guidance, and pragmatic techniques around all things telehealth. In case you missed it, here are the articles from January 2024:

We launched Telehealth Tuesday’s 6th year (see my first Telehealth Tuesday article from 2019) with an outlook of telehealth across staffing, RPM, and AI.

Since telehealth and digital health adoption is mostly about leading transformation, one of the articles covered the key skills that leaders must possess to lead transformation.

Our third article, also aimed at leaders, focused on the five principles for increasing telehealth adoption, whereas the last article was aimed at those supporting telehealth: how to best design a service delivery process using a “happy day scenario” mindset.

Enjoy your readings!

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Telehealth: What’s in Store for 2024

We started the year off with another tried and true New Year’s tradition: Predictions for the upcoming year. Here are my three predictions about the increased use of telehealth, RPM, and my take on AI’s role in telehealth.

The 5 Leader-Ships of Innovation Adoption

To effectively lead clinicians and staff through a transformation healthcare leaders must master 5 critical leadership roles: Innovation Leadership, Change Leadership, Project Leadership, Process Leadership and Improvement Leadership.

Five Principles of Successful Telehealth Adoption

Health Centers and Health Systems are coming under increasing pressure to expand their use of telehealth given consumers’ preference for convenience and lower cost. Here are our five principles for successful adoption of Telehealth.

Happy Day Scenario Process Design

The “Happy Day Scenario” is not some idealistic Jackpot win, but rather what should and will happen 80%, 90% of the time. You owe it to clinicians, patients, and staff to optimize that experience vs. spending too much time on protecting against failure.