With so many emails and notifications floating across our screens every day, it’s hard to keep up. If you’ve enjoyed the Telehealth Tuesday articles in the past, here’s your chance to catch up on one or two that catch your interest.

In September, I focused on highlighting the benefits of Telehealth from multiple angles: as a tool to see more patients (I cover 12 tactics in two articles) and as a secret weapon to succeed in value-based care models.

Given the power that the attitude of clinicians holds, I further dissected the 8 reasons why your clinicians may not like doing telehealth – and what you can do about it.

Enjoy our readings!


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Using Virtual Care to Care For More Patients

This is the first article of two identifying the various ways to increase provider capacity and serve more patients. This article focuses on the first 6 tactics to leverage virtual care.

Serving More Patients Through Virtual Care

In this second article, I cover the remaining 6 tactics on how to use virtual care to increase provider capacity and serve more patients.

Virtual Care: Your Secret Weapon to Succeed with Value-Based Care

The marriage of virtual care and value-based care is match made in heaven, with five virtual care modalities providing the secret weapon to resounding and lasting success.

8 Reasons Why Clinicians are Apprehensive About Telehealth

When clinicians do not believe that telehealth is for them (or their patients) then your telehealth program will never reach its full potential. Here are 7 things you can do to get clinicians on board.