Welcome to the first Telehealth Tuesday monthly summary of 2022.

In January we provided pragmatic guidance in four areas:

  • 4 leadership lessons for increasing telehealth utilization
  • 3 effective telehealth marketing strategies
  • 2 workflow and 3 technology solutions for collecting copays for telehealth visits
  • 25 tricks CEOs can perform with the magic wand of telehealth

Enjoy your readings!

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Is Your Staff Telehealth Ignorant or Oblivious?

When a patient gets refused the option for a telehealth visit for a simple prescription, it would be too simple to blame the staff or the physician. Rather it’s a system problem that requires at least four solutions.

The 3 Most Effective Telehealth Marketing Tactics

“Build it and they will come” is no longer sufficient to increase the adoption of telehealth. Here are three fairly simple yet highly cost-effective marketing tactics that you can use to market telehealth to your community. And no, they don’t involve social media.


Collecting Telehealth Copays

The availability of telehealth has greatly increased access to care, but it has also made it much harder to collect the Copay from patients. In this article, read about 2 workflow and 3 technology solutions to this challenge.

Telehealth: A Magic Wand for CEOs

After Covid, don’t we all wish for a magic wand to make this all go back to normal? In the hands of a capable leader, Telehealth is such a magic wand. Here are 25 “tricks” you can do with #telehealth in your organization to create a magical effect for your staff, your patients and your finances.