Telehealth Tuesday Articles, February 2024

In February, three of the four Telehealth Tuesday articles focused on the selection of a telehealth services vendor.

From the overall principles of selecting a vendor to outsourcing clinical services or engaging non-clinical service partners (such as law firms, recruiters, or consultants) — we covered most of the spectrum.

The final article of the month highlighting our work at a client for the past 3 years, where we’ve been invited to help transform access to care in a very rural area through telehealth. The unique aspect of this initiative is our systems approach, enabled by the collaborative, cross-organizational thinking by our client, an agency funded by Washington’s Medicaid program, Apple Care.

Enjoy your readings!

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Selecting a Telehealth Services Vendor

When you want to select a telehealth vendor (especially those vendors providing you with clinical services), this article provides a great introductory overview of the various telehealth vendor types and how to go about selecting one.

Outsourcing Telehealth Services: A Quick Guide

The second installment in this series focuses on the 6-step process of preparing for, selecting, and launching a clinical telehealth services vendor.

Engaging a Non-Clinical Telehealth Service Partner

In the third part of our 3-part series on selecting vendors we are diving deeper into the partnership with the non-clinical service vendors such as telehealth recruiters, telehealth and digital health law firms, and telehealth boutique consulting firms.

Transforming Access to Care in Rural America: An Innovative Systems Approach

Access to care and social services in rural America is challenging. Read about this multi-pronged systems approach to innovatively improve access to care for this rural population in a large area in Washington state.