Telehealth Tuesday Articles, March 2024

In March, Telehealth Tuesday’s focus was squarely on Community Health Centers, especially on our work with MATRC (the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center) and NACHC (National Association of Community Health Centers).

Through our work with both organizations and a team of community health center experts, we developed a framework for what it would take a Community Health Center to operate successfully “in the future”.

The first article lays out the framework, whereas the other three articles cover the “enabling and supportive technologies” that support health centers care models, business models, and relationships.

Enjoy your readings!

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Healthcare Center of the Future: A Framework

Community Health Centers (CHCs) are the backbone of the US’s healthcare safety net, serving over $30M people each year.

This first article in a series of three provides an introduction to the simple but comprehensive and powerful model for CHCs who want to prepare for the future.

Healthcare Center of the Future: Enabling and Supportive Technologies

In our series on guidance for Community Health Centers to prepare for the future, this article dives into the various nuances of different patient technologies and practice technologies, including a digital health taxonomy that defines connected health and telehealth.

In this third article on the health center of the future, we are focusing again on “enabling technologies”, this time on how to successfully implement technologies by overcoming common barriers to technology adoption.
There are a multitude of different opportunities for Community Health Centers to leverage technology to stay relevant for the future. In this 4th article in my series on the “Community Health Center of the Future” I cover four examples that support a future-oriented care model.