The Telehealth Tuesday articles in November of 2022 covered two main topics: Innovation in Healthcare & How Telehealth Adds to the Bottom Line.

The first two articles started our series on Innovation in Healthcare by describing how healthcare organizations can accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions and how they can prioritize the plethora of innovative ideas through a prioritization funnel.

The way that telehealth adds to the bottom line is covered in two articles that lay out how telehealth increases revenue and how telehealth reduces losses and decreases cost.

To round out our guidance on leveraging telehealth to improve the bottom line, our fifth article this month focuses on the five key telehealth success metrics that every leadership team should track and manage.

Enjoy your readings!

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Innovation in Healthcare: Accelerating Innovation Adoption

The problem in healthcare is not the lack of innovation. The problem is the lack of Innovation Adoption. To survive, healthcare organizations must quickly learn how to adopt innovation, i.e., how to integrate innovative solutions into their care delivery processes.

Innovation in Healthcare: The Innovation Prioritization Funnel

With 100s of viable innovative digital health solutions out there, how do you select those that are most valuable to your organization? How do you prioritize digital health innovation? Apply an Innovation Prioritization Funnel!

How Telehealth Adds to the Bottom Line

Telehealth can increase revenue, avoid losses, and lower expenses. In this first article, read about the six ways to increase revenue through telehealth.

Using Telehealth to Reduce Losses and Decrease Cost

This is the second article in the series on how telehealth can increase your bottom line. Here we focus on reducing losses and decreasing costs, including how telehealth reduces patient attrition, avoids penalties, and reduces recruitment costs.

5 Critical Metrics for Telehealth Success

Healthcare Leaders that realize they need to offer #telehealth to defend against the virtual competition, need to select a set of success metrics. Here are the 5 most essential metrics