The month of March 2022 brought us five Telehealth Tuesdays with topics running from TeleDentristy to Telehealth Governance.

In between, we covered the application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to telehealth, shone a light on tactics for clinician engagement, and took a trip back to March 2020, when Covid-19 became a reality and we launched Telehealth for 25 PCPs at a rural FQHC in 36 hours.

Enjoy your readings!

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Extraordinary Telehealth’s Hierarchy of Needs

The ultimate goal of care optimization is to enable clinicians to practice on top of their license so they can focus on delivering extraordinary care. Telehealth is no different and in this article we’re exploring how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be applied to telehealth.

The (Open) Wide World of TeleDentistry

TeleDentistry is one of those specialty applications that I simply could not imagine. But there’s more to dentistry than “drilling & filling”. From gum disease to broken teeth. According to the WHO, about 3.5 Billion people have oral health problems! TeleDentristy can be part of the solution to getting dental to patients who need it.

Clinician Engagement in Telehealth

Engaging Clinicians is critical for a successful telehealth program. Clinicians who are not committed to telehealth, will make it miserable for patients and for themselves. Read about the background of clinician engagement and the ideal telehealth visit from the clinician’s perspective.

Covid Telehealth Launch: Lessons Learned Revisited

Launching Telehealth at an FQHC in March 2020 I learned 7 lessons. In March 2022 I revisited these 7 lessons to see if there are new insights. The answer may surprise you.

Who is Steering Your Telehealth Success?

Success requires leadership. Yet many telehealth programs run without anybody at the helm, leaving IT staff, nurses, physicians and schedulers to their own devices. This article covers the hallmarks of effective telehealth governance.