The month of June saw 5 Tuesdays and therefore 5 Telehealth Tuesdays. This month, we covered a whole range of topics from behavioral health to maternal health; from optimization and proof-of-concept to telehealth via EHRs.

We started off the month with the final article in our series on Telebehavioral Health: Improving the Performance of Telebehavioral Health.

Next we explored the pros and cons of the telehealth functionality available through the EHRs.

In the third article, I shared some key insights as why a proof-of-concept approach is so much better than using a pilot to launch something new.

Maternal Health was the subject of the fourth article, with a description of 21 use cases for Connected Care in perinatal care.

We ended the month with my 100th article where I shared the essential tools for optimizing telehealth.

Enjoy your readings!

P.S.: If there’s a telehealth topic you’d like me to cover in my weekly articles send me a quick email.

Improving the Performance of Telebehavioral Health

In this 3rd article in our series on Telebehavioral Health, we explore five valuable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that leaders can use to improve the performance of their Telebehavioral Health services. Because “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

EHR Telehealth: A CTO’s dream & the nightmare of MDs & patients

Many EHRs are now offering telehealth functionality. But is it truly a healthcare organization’s best bet? Yes, the tight integration is tempting, but is it really needed? Find out what Christian thinks.

Are you still using Telehealth Pilots?

Many Telehealth Services see the first light of day as a “pilot”. Established and managed casually pilots are scheduled to go on for a certain time, often running 50% or more over schedule. Learn more about the power of Proof-of-Concepts in this article.

Improving Maternal Care through Connected Care

The US statistics for maternal death in the US, when compared to other developed nations, are shocking. This article explores the numerous (we listed 21) uses for Connected Care to provide for better, safer pregnancies.

Essential Tools for Optimizing Telehealth

With virtually everyone having launched telehealth the name of the game is now optimization. In this article we highlight 3 basic tools and 7 essential tools to optimize telehealth.

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