Telehealth Tuesdays in February 2022 brought another diverse set of topics.

We went from focusing on the benefits of telehealth (the efficacy of presurgical planning) to the audacity of telehealth surprise bills for facility fees. The other two articles this month focused more on strategic topics: Where is the Goldilocks zone of telehealth visits and what a CEO should DO and NOT DO about telehealth.

Enjoy your readings!

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The Efficacy of Surgical Planning via Telehealth

In this first article on #TelehealthEfficacy we are reviewing the efficacy of presurgical planning via telehealth. A review of 303 virtual surgical planning visits showed that in fewer than 4% of the cases the plans had to be modified based on a presurgical exam.

Surprise Telehealth Facility Fees

Healthcare surprise bills are bad enough, but getting charged a facility fee for a telehealth visit that even exceeds your clinical bill is outrageous. That’s like your hairdresser charging a chair fee.

3 Telehealth Dos and Don’ts for CEOs

W. Edwards Deming quipped that “It is not enough to do your best; you must KNOW what to do, and then do your best.”. Here are 6 heuristics on expanding your KNOWledge of what best to do (and not) about telehealth.

How Much Telehealth Is Just Right?

When it comes to body temperature, we know which temperature range is “just right”. But what about the percentage of telehealth visits? What’s the right percentage here? With Covid on the way out, how many of your clinic’s visits should be telehealth? How do you set the right ratio in a hybrid care environment?