Telehealth Tuesday in October 2022 focused primarily on the theme of finding applications for telehealth beyond the traditional “direct to consumer” video visits, a theme that we started with the last two articles in September.

Especially the focus on School-based telehealth and Library-based telehealth garnered a lot of interest and follow up discussions among our subscribers.

An article focused on improving clinician satisfaction echoed the September article on combating clinician burnout, offering more pragmatic solutions.

Rounding out the month was the first article of the month that focused on the 7 levels of telehealth training — the key strategy to ensure sustainable telehealth success.

Enjoy your readings!

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The 7 Levels of Telehealth Training

Since telehealth is really new to most organizations, the primary purpose of telehealth education and training is to create successful, lasting change. Here are the 7 levels of training that clinicians and staff must receive to make telehealth a viable care delivery modality.

Improving Clinician Satisfaction Through Telehealth

There are at least 3 ways how telehealth can improve the satisfaction of clinicians, of patients, and of staff. Read all about it in this slightly edited repost of Telehealth Tuesday’s first article from October 2019.

7 Considerations When Launching School-based Telehealth

School-based telehealth involves coordination across 2 entities and up to 3 parties. In this article we cover the 7 key considerations that need to be addressed when designing and launching school-based telehealth.

Telehealth in Libraries: Read a Book, See a Doc

Access to care is often hindered by a multitude of social drivers of health. Telehealth and Teleservices in libraries can address those barriers to health equity in rural and urban areas with low digital literacy or limited internet connectivity.

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