In July Telehealth Tuesday covered a diverse set of topics from telehealth strategy to clinicians’ webside manners, mixed with guidance on a very powerful tactic to use when rolling out new telehealth services (“proof-of-concepts”).

This month’s roundup also included (“Alive & Kicking”) an overview of the plethora of telehealth service vendors that have emerged in the last few years.

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A Telehealth Strategy Gap Analysis

Oftentimes organizations (and people) “don’t know what they don’t know”. Thus conducting a “gap analysis” to know where one is and where one should be can be very helpful. This article describes how to perform a gap analysis for your telehealth strategy.

Telehealth: Alive & Kicking

In 2014 the Arizona Telemedicine Program and the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center established a Telemedicine and Telehealth Service Provider Directory “to help healthcare organizations find medical specialty service providers offering telemedicine and telehealth services”. It shows that telehealth is indeed, “Alive and Kicking”.

Are you still using Telehealth Pilots?

In most organizations Telebehavioral Health has really taken off and it is one of the few clinical specialities that really wholeheartedly embraced and fully leveraged the Covid-19 health crisis. But why rest there? Now that we are returning to a more ordinary world (albeit with even more need for mental health services), learn more about the benefits of taking Telebehavioral Health to the next level.

Why Physicians Don’t Like Being on Camera

In this first venture into the “blasphemous telehealth secrets” we are unraveling the potential root cause behind many physicians’ dislike of video visits: They’ve simply not been introduced to the proper “webside manners”!