The month of August provided five Tuesdays and we covered the 3-part series on the 10-fold return of mastering webside manners, along with some insights as to why your clinicians may still not like telehealth.

The bonus article on the fifth Tuesday was about “thworfs” – Telehealth and the 7 Thworfs, to be precise, which are “Telehealth Workflows”. There are seven of them that are crucial to document.

Enjoy your readings!

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The 10-fold Return on Mastering Webside Manners (Part 1)

In my assessment, one of the most egregious shortcomings of healthcare’s heads-on launch into telehealth was to not provide clinicians with adequate insights into the best practices for telehealth. Presumably because actually very few people knew how to get it right: the website manners.

The 10-fold Return on Mastering Webside Manners (Part 2)

In this 2nd part on my series on webside manners, I explore seven more tips on making sure that clinicians come across as professional and how to ensure that patients are as much engaged as possible.

The 10-fold Return on Mastering Webside Manners (Part 3)

The 10-fold return of mastering webside manners is all about the 10 great benefits that proper manners on video can bring about, as I describe in the third part of this 3-part series.

5 Reasons Why Your Clinicians (Still) Don’t Like Telehealth

When clinicians don’t feel competent, they lack the confidence to do a good job delivering care via telehealth. This article covers the 5 reasons clinicians don’t like telehealth and how to overcome them.

Telehealth and the 7 Thworfs

The single most important ingredient to #telehealth success is well-defined workflows. In this article we cover the seven most important Telehealth Workflows (a.k.a. “thworfs”): Timey, Newbie, Roomy, Vizzy, Posty, Folly and Billy.