Happy summer everyone., this is your monthly recap of Telehealth Tuesday in case you missed a few of last month’s columns.

In June I focused once again on the importance of measuring the performance of telehealth so you can actually manage it. Telehealth is too strategically important to leave it to hope and luck.

The first article below provides some good benchmarking as to what other organizations are doing – so you can compare yourself to the “herd”.

The remaining three articles first set the stage for measuring telehealth performance with one article honing in on one of the most critical success metrics: the patient satisfaction – and how it relates to the overall patient experience.

Enjoy your readings!

P.S.: Do you have a topic or question you’d like me to offer my thoughts on? Email me and I’ll cover it in one of the next editions of Telehealth Tuesday.

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Are You With the Herd or Just Looking On?

In this article I explore the findings of a report by the Virginia Telehealth Network on the usage of Telehealth in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Very interesting findings pointing to high utilization – and pockets of adoption resistance.

How to Measure Telehealth Success

To establish a dashboard of #telehealth success, we first must identify what types of measures can be collected and what else is involved. This is the first in a series of articles on measuring telehealth success.

Telehealth Performance Metrics

This second article in the series on telehealth performance measurement focuses on some sample metrics to select from.

Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Engagement:
What’s the Difference?

Measuring patient satisfaction and patient engagement are two critical aspects of the quality of care. But where does the patient experience come in? How can you leverage virtual care to improve the patient experience and achieve high levels of patient satisfaction to create a high degree of patient engagement?