In October I continued to tackle one of the most important topics in telehealth: Measuring Telehealth Success.

Too many healthcare leaders are flying in the dark when it comes to telehealth performance and most of them don’t even know how good it could be – for physicians, for patients and for the bottom line.

At the center of my focus this month was the patient: their bill of rights, minimizing wait times, and paying attention to outcomes. The last article of the month focused on the bigger picture from the leadership’s perspective.

Bill of Patient's Rights

The Virtual Care Bill of Patients’ Rights

It’s always been astonishing to me how little attention we pay on seeing things through the patient lense. Yes, everyone thinks about the patient, on what they can do for them. But what do patient’s want? Here’s my telehealth advocacy on behalf of patients.

virtual care waiting room

No Virtual Care Waiting Rooms, Please!

In our increasingly busy and productive lives it always struck me as counterintuitive why as patients we have to wait so much unproductively and succumb to the system’s priorities, rather than the patients’. Dramatically minimizing wait times is one way how I want to see healthcare delivery change for the better.

Is Virtual Care Worsening Outcomes?

Is Virtual Care Worsening Outcomes?

It will be few years until we fully grasp the secondary and tertiary effects of the Covid-19 health crisis. But we should not wait for the research papers to tell us what we already suspect: that staying out of the doctor’s office can worsen outcomes. Unless we bring the doctor to the patient’s homes.

5 Telehealth Metrics Healthcare Leaders Need to Pay Attention to

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Sage advice attributed to both Deming and Drucker. But do healthcare CEOs even know how bad (or well) their telehealth services are? Or how good they could be?

Every board of every health organization should read this article and have their CEO to report on those 5 key metrics (and what they are doing about them).

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