In the last eight weeks of 2021, Telehealth Tuesday covered topics, including a few fundamental articles on TelehealthTech Checks, the Modern Healthcare Consumer and Combating Omicron.

The articles included:

  • a checklist for a Telehealth TechCheck℠
  • a framework for Telehealth Optimization
  • the key factors in managing change: Culture, Process & Technology (C.P.T.)
  • the definition for “100%” telehealth
  • an outlook for Telehealth in 2022
  • 6 considerations for a better Digital Health Strategy
  • a profile of the Modern Healthcare Consumer
  • a 9-step battle plan on combating Omicron with Telehealth

Enjoy your readings!

P.S.: Let me know which telehealth topic or which digital health question you’d like me to address. Just send me a quick email.

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Telehealth TechChecks – Rocket Fuel for Telehealth Success

Telehealth TechChecks are one of the most effective techniques to ensure high clinician acceptance of telehealth, high patient satisfaction, better access and better outcomes. Read about the 9 aspects of a Telehealth TechCheck.

A Framework for Telehealth Optimization

In March 2020 everyone jumped into Telehealth, but now it’s high time to optimize your telehealth services. Here’s the framework to structure and organize your optimization efforts.

What is your C.P.T Code

Today the only thing that is permanent is change.” said Charlie Mayo, of the Mayo Clinic in 1931. In 2021 this holds truer than ever. To increase the chances of successful change, you need to have a flexible Culture, well-defined Processes, and tailored Technology solutions. Look up your CPT code in this article.

100% Telehealth is not a Dream

Getting to 100% Telehealth does not mean it’s all virtual. Rather it means that telehealth should be used all of the time when patients desire it, when they have the technical capabilities, and when it’s clinically appropriate. This article provides some ideas on how to get there.

Telehealth 2022 — Boost or Bust?

2022 is still highly unpredictable. At the time of the writing of this article, Omicron wasn’t even on the horizon yet. What is non-debatable is that telehealth is the best tool available to ensure continuity of care during the next Covid wave. Read more about our predictions.

6 Digital Health Strategy Follies

With a $70B investment in digital health over the past 10 years, it behooves all healthcare organizations to develop their digital health adoption strategy. Here are six common follies to avoid.

The Modern Healthcare Consumer

For years, healthcare catered to (very patient) patients. Now healthcare must shift to serve a new species that emerged: The Modern Healthcare Consumer. The Modern Healthcare Consumer does not only want quality care from a trusted provider, but also wants that care to be free or affordable and, for most of the routine care, to be highly convenient.

Combating Omicron with Telehealth

At the time of writing this article, the Omicron variant was just beginning to take off. So we quickly devised a 9-step battle plan to leverage telehealth to combat Omicron.