Are you keeping up with Telehealth Tuesday? Do you have some beach or airplane reading lined up? Then maybe you want to add these four articles to your list, where I covered a lot of the details on measuring the performance of your telehealth/virtual care services.

The first two articles focused on the “end in mind”: What are the key metrics to measure and how do you most pragmatically measure them?

The second set focused more on the why every healthcare organization should measure the performance of its telehealth services and what strategic benefits can be gained from doing telehealth well.

Enjoy your readings!

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5 Telehealth Metrics Healthcare Leaders Need to Pay Attention to

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Sage advice attributed to both Deming and Drucker. But do healthcare CEOs even know how well or how bad their telehealth services are performing? Are they setting expectations on how good they should be?

Every healthcare organization board should read this article and have their CEO to report on those 5 key metrics — and what they are doing to improve them.

Measuring the 5 Most Critical Telehealth Metrics

When managing the performance of your #telehealth program knowing WHAT to measure is critical. But knowing HOW to most effectively and efficiently measure performance is essential.

Why Measure Virtual Care Performance?

“Start with Why” is great advice for creating enthusiastic followers. This article explains why you should be measuring the performance of your virtual care services and how to get started.

Telehealth Creates Strategic Success

Did you know that Telehealth can improve financial growth, improve outcomes, increase patient retention, attract talented staff and make your organization a valued member of your communities?