With so much communication crossing our screens these days it’s easy to miss a relevant article (or two).

Once a month I therefore share with you the posts of the past month.

In April 2023 Telehealth Tuesday focused on technology clinician’s insights and using telehealth to “quell quiet quitting”, as well as looking at the common qualities of a high-performing telehealth coordinator.

Enjoy your readings!

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Selecting The Best Vendors for Your RPM Program

How to select the best RPM vendor? To lower cost, reduce frustrations, and prepare for accelerated growth, develop your RPM program with clinician input, on paper first. This article explains the why and the how.

Clinicians’ Insights for Delivering the Best Care via Telehealth

What do 170+ clinicians and healthcare leaders think are the top things providers need to know to best care for their patients virtually? Here are 7 common themes and how to implement them.

Can Digital Health Quell Quiet Quitting?

Is your staff quietly quitting? Are you concerned about care safety and quality? Then a thoughtfully designed digital health solution can help to shake things up and arouse those quitters. This article explains the 7 rules to follow.

The 7 Critical Qualities of a Rock Star Telehealth Coordinator

The primary responsibility of a Telehealth Coordinator is to help providers and patients have a great telehealth experience. This article describes the responsibilities, qualities, and skills of a Rock Star Telehealth Coordinator.