For decades, telehealth has been a largely underutilized mode of care delivery even though telehealth repeatedly demonstrated increased access to care and improved health outcomes.

The Covid-19 health crisis changed all of this virtually (pun intended) overnight. In a couple of weeks we’re actually coming up on the 1-year anniversary of the 36-hour launch of Tele Primary Care Services for 5 clinics in a rural FQHC — and it feels like that was 3 years ago.

Now that many healthcare organizations have (mostly mixed) experiences with “virtual care” the question is: what’s next?

Empowered Wellness

What’s on the horizon for me is that we are one gigantic step closer to Connected Health. Since I often quip that “Everybody agreed until somebody defined it.”, the key question is: What is the definition of Connected Health? For me the most pragmatic definition of Connected Health comes from Dr. Joe Kvedar’s book “The Internet of Healthy Things”:

“The Objective of Connected Health is Empowered Wellness”

Connected Health, as we recently defined for one of our health system clients, is thus to “empower the members of the communities we serve to be in good health, to get well quickly, and to stay well — regardless of their location.”

Wouldn’t that be great? If we, as healthy human beings had access to knowledge and proactive or prophylactic treatments to keep us well? Or to recover in the most conducive environment to healing – at home, with our loved ones? And have 24×7 access to support when we need help to maintain our health?

That’s the vision that for me Connected Health stands for: Ubiquitous, easily accessible health care, that is truly centered around caring for patients, not for patients to surrender to the edicts of the healthcare system.

From Here to There: The Symposium

So how do we get from where we are today, with a somewhat halfhearted adoption of virtual care, to the seemingly nirvana of Empower Wellness, i.e., Connected Health?

To explore potential answers to that question is the topic of the inaugural Ingenium Digital Health Symposium: “Beyond Covid: From Virtual Care to Connected Health”.

Over the course of 5 days and 20+ sessions a faculty of over 18 thought leaders and experts from the US, Germany, and Australia will be exploring the multitude of facets.

Here are some of the topics our illustrious speaker panel will cover:

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Caring is about Connecting with People

Our symposium is not only different in that we present the perspective of physicians, nurses, lawyers, engineers, consultants, healthcare administrators, and CEOs.

Our symposium is also designed to start a dialog, to connect with one another. If anything, the Covid-19 health crisis has taught us how important it is for us human beings to be connected to one another in order to feel alive.

To empower your wellness in this socially-distanced world, each session is therefore followed by a 30-minute “chat with your fellow attendees, meet the speakers” Networking Session in our cool virtual “Lounge”. And you can also join us at the end of each day to hang out for an hour (sorry, drinks are on your own).

Register Now

Live attendance of all sessions (from March 1 through March 5, 2021) is free and session recordings will also be available after the event.

REGISTER for FREE to Attend all Sessions Live (Mar 1 – Mar 5, 2021)

For more information visit the Symposium website or review the schedule.

I hope to see you there!

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