Ingenium Digital Health Symposium

Beyond Covid: From Virtual Care to Connected Health

March 1 – March 5, 2021

5 days
15+ Experts
20+ Sessions

Expert Talks
Panel Discussions
Fireside Chats

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List of Planned Sessions

  • Panel: Clinician’s View on the Future of Digital Health
  • Panel: The Future of Virtual Care
  • The Future is Wear-to-Able
  • Digital Health in Germany and the EU
  • The Touch-less Healthcare Consumer
  • Building a sustainable TeleBehavioral Health Business
  • Tell me what it costs
  • Virtual Worker’s Comp Care
  • TeleOccHealth
  • The Economic Impact of Maintaining Rural Health
  • Telehealth Fee-for-Service Reimbursement
    2021 Update
  • Care Design Using All the Tools of Virtual Care
  • The Sentry is On Duty: The Ins and Outs
    of Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Medico-Legal Fireside Chat
  • Clinical Telemedicine: Practical Techniques
  • Regional TeleInnovation Initiative
  • Leveraging Excellence
  • Digital Mental Health
  • StressTech
  • Patient Care Beyond the Hospital Walls
  • Accelerating Digital Health Adoption
  • The Four Realms of Digital Health