Christian and his team filled that void for us in telehealth. He came highly recommended and I had heard him on a webinar he and his team did for the MGMA.

As a former health center CEO, I want to connect our member organizations with experts who can provide real practical help to the situations that they’re facing. After the webinar I knew that Christian could provide that practical advice and he and his team did and I really appreciate that.

Almost everybody of the 50% of attendees who responded to the survey identified at least one actionable take away to improve their telemedicine service.

2. What contribution did Christian have in achieving those results or outcomes?

Christian expertly prepared and led two 90-minute webinars two days apart, with a rich set of slides. He and his colleague Kathy delivered engaging, informative and highly pragmatic content and answered all of the 60 participants questions.

After the two webinars, Christian and Kathy led five 1-hour individual consulting sessions with some of our member organizations that were very well received.

3. What did you enjoy about working with Christian?

Christian is very pleasant and got things set up very quickly, which was really needed. Everything was professional and he was just easy to work with.