Virtual Care Conference 2023


Virtual Care Strategy: Driving Action, Getting Results
Opening Keynote

Kathy Letendre, MHSA
VP Organizational Excellence, Principal Consultant

hat is your “Why”?

Many organizations had an abrupt entree into telehealth — the 2020 survival-based “strategy” read something like: telehealth is better than no care so get something started ASAP. Those days are long past, but have we revisited our virtual care strategy?

The presentation shares some key strategic considerations, and highlights NCW’s regional & strategic approach to virtual care, and features a case study from Renew Clinical Partner in defining their strategic direction for virtual care.

Creating a Superb Virtual Care Experience for Patients and Providers
Closing Keynote

Christian Milaster
Christian Milaster, MS
Founder & CEO,
Digital Health Transformation,
Advisor & Consultant

As the world’s most beloved companies demonstrate daily, creating great experiences for customers and staff alike are key to financial success and growth. This is certainly true for healthcare, where patients prefer convenience-optimized virtual care services over time consuming clinic visits. But many clinicians, marred by a poor telehealth experience during the Covid-19 public health emergency, are hesitant to fully embrace virtual care.

With Virtual Care undoubtedly being “here to stay”, this presentation provides insights on what digital health leaders and believers can do to create a superb virtual care service experience for providers and patients alike. From change management to strategy, from workflow optimization to tech checks, and from training to support — world-class virtual care is within reach for any committed health system, health center, or clinic.

The Economic Impact &
Return on Investment of Telehealth
in Rural America

Jason Goldwater, MS, MPA, PMP
Telehealth Strategy & Evaluation Advisor

The rapid proliferation and increased utilization of telehealth during the Covid 19 pandemic brought several questions about its overall utility and effectiveness as a means of care delivery. As the pandemic begins to recede slowly, conversations have begun about maintaining telehealth parity in rural areas where access to care can be limited.

In this presentation, we will examine the cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness of telehealth in providing an avenue to access care for chronic disease, mental and behavioral health, and specialty care. We will also explore the return on investment for the use of telehealth, particularly in value-based care programs in rural areas emphasizing improved patients outcomes.

Onboarding Clinicians
to Virtual Visits:
The Role of the Virtual Physical Exam
Break-out Session

Matthew Faiman, MD, MBA, FACP
Chief Clinical Officer

ough the new AMA guidelines for coding have moved away from the need for documenting the physical examination, there is inherent value in this aspect of the patient-provider encounter. The presentation explores the key elements that can enhance the patient experience, expand the provider diagnostic capabilities and allow for a more robust visit overall.

Launching your RPM Service:
People, Process, and Technology
Break-out Session

Christian Milaster
Christian Milaster, MS
Founder & CEO,
Digital Health Transformation,
Advisor & Consultant

The effective management of chronic diseases is at the core of population health programs and value-based care arrangements.

To help patients manage their chronic conditions, one highly effective tool is Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM).

The Launching your RPM services presentation provides pragmatic guidance on developing your RPM strategy; using RPM for chronic care management (CCM); using RPM to reduce avoidable utilization (e.g., readmissions); the people and processes of RPM; RPM technology options; reimbursement for RPM and CCM.

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