For about 15 years now, HRSA has provided 3-year grants to about a dozen organizations around the nation to serve as regional Telehealth Resource Centers, to assist healthcare organizations in their journey to integrate telehealth into their care delivery systems.

Many of the centers put on an annual conference, including the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC), which serves 9 states in the mid-Atlantic, from Kentucky and North Carolina to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

This year’s MATRC Summit will be a hybrid event, with in-person sessions in Charlotte, NC plus virtual access to the conference and will be held Sunday, April 24 through Tuesday, April 26.

The theme of this year’s MATRC Summit is “Care Model Redesign: Navigating Digital Transformation” and includes three tracks: General Sessions, Behavioral Health and Leading Transformation.

Six Educational Sessions on Leading Transformation

As I’ve covered dozens of times in Telehealth Tuesday, success in telehealth is first and foremost an exercise in organizational change management. Which is basically a synonym for “leading transformation”.

For the MATRC Summit track we have organized 6 highly informative and highly pragmatic presentations based on first-hand experience “from the trenches”.

(1) On Sunday, we are kicking things off with a 3-hour workshop led by two healthcare change management veterans: . The workshop will explore a rich “Toolkit for Leading Digital Transformation”, covering 9 critical tools and provide pragmatic guidance on how to effectively lead your organization’s digital transformation.

(2) Our first presentation of the Leading Transformation Track on Monday morning tells it like it is: Nurse Leader Dan Weberg provides spot-on specifics on leading change and transformation in “Leadership — The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”.

We’ll wrap up the first conference day with two back-to-back sessions from two CEOs of FQHCs, who are effectively leading their own transformations that include digital health technologies.

(3) The first of the two CEO-led sessions focuses on the first steps: “Starting and Maintaining Organizational Transformation”. In his session, Jim Werth will recount the decisions that led to the kick-off of his multi-year effort to transform the organization into a “Model Health Center of the Future”.

(4) In the second session, CEO Jeff McKhee covers what it takes to provide “Data-Driven Healthcare Leadership”. Digital transformation requires accountability — and management by fact helps to ensure that digital transformation initiatives are on track and create the value they were designed to deliver.

(5) On the second and last day of the conference, Cleveland Clinic-trained internist Matt Faiman, MD will share his insights on “Leading Physicians Toward Excellence in the Delivery of Telehealth”. For 15 years, Dr. Faiman practiced Telemedicine at the Cleveland Clinic, including over 5 years as medical director of the Express Care Online. Getting his colleagues “on board” and training them to maintain a high standard of care will be the focus of his talk.

(6) We are wrapping up the Leading Transformation Track with a 1.5 hour session on “Leading Telehealth Optimization”, facilitated by three telehealth experts with 18, 12, and 5 years of experience in establishing and improving telehealth. The facilitators will provide pragmatic guidance on how to close the gap between current and desired performance across 10 elements ranging from strategy and operational support to policies and reimbursement.

For more information about these and the other conference sessions and to register to attend virtually or in person, visit

We hope to see you there!

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