In the spring of 2020, out of necessity to continue to provide access to care, the Covid-19 health crisis put telehealth into the spotlight, forcing every clinic to figure out how to put this novel care delivery tool to best use.

Many organizations who had no previous exposure to telehealth, experienced a long list of challenges – from unreliable connections, bad audio quality, and jerky video to awkward camera angles, problems with the sign-up and sign-in, and many, many more. Most traded the webcam for the phone receiver. At least here was a technology that one could use, though it had its limitations.

Now, a few years into the forced experience with Telehealth, healthcare organi­za­tions are realizing the potential that telehealth as a valid alternative care delivery model holds. Many others — such as Amazon Care, CVS, or Dollar General — have realized the same and are doubling-down on making their “virtual care first” models available to the general population.
For the enlightened healthcare leader in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis, we have put together this compendium of four articles to provide guidance and direction to the leadership teams at healthcare organizations everywhere.

In our first article, “Telehealth: A Magic Wand for CEOs” we provide 25 examples of how telehealth can be applied to improve access to care, care delivery, and patient outcomes.

The second article, “3 Telehealth Dos and Don’ts for CEOs” highlights the key points to consider when looking to create telehealth success.

“A Telehealth Strategy Gap Analysis” provides a quick overview of the key elements of a sound telehealth strategy and offers a set of 10 questions to assess the quality of your own telehealth strategy.

We are wrapping up this first part of the CEO’s Handbook for Telehealth Success with an article on the “5 Telehealth Metrics Healthcare Leaders Need to Pay Attention to”, which describes an initial set of KPIs that are critical to measure and manage when optimizing your telehealth services.

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