The Telehealth.Community is excited to bring you our webinar series:

Getting the Most out of Telehealth

Our next webinar is
Telehealth Use Cases for Acute and Post-Acute Care
Thursday, September 17 at 2:00 PM Eastern


In this webinar, Christian Milaster and Erkan Hassan, will provide a comprehensive overview of healthcare’s most common uses of telehealth for acute care in the hospital and emergency room and post-acute care at home, nursing homes and hospice, including remote patient monitoring (RPM).


Telehealth Community Webinar Series:
Getting the Most out of Telehealth

Past webinars
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  • Measuring Telehealth Success (August 20, 2020)
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Christian Milaster

About the Speaker:
Christian Milaster is the Founder and President of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors and co-founder of the Telehealth.Community. A Master Builder of Digital Health and Telehealth Services, Christian works with healthcare organizations and innovators to enable the delivery of extraordinary care through the judicious use of technology. Born, raised and educated as an engineer in Germany, Christian has worked at IBM and the Mayo Clinic before launching Ingenium in 2012.